A Neighborhood Joint Actually Owned By the Neighbors

The Story of Sea Jax

Delving into my deceased parents attic I came upon an old shoebox tied with red ribbon. Inside we’re love letters written by my father to my mother during his service in Korea. He wrote to her often about his best buddy JAX, an abandoned dog he found along the Sea Coast. JAX provided much needed companionship for my father and his unit. Reading on I found the name JAX was in honor of a friend who gave his life during The Battle of Bloody Ridge. Near the end of the war I could almost hear my father crying as he wrote about leaving JAX behind. In his last letter, my father wrote he had found the perfect home for JAX as the mascot on a Navy ship. He was loved by hundreds. So when it came to naming this joint, there was one image I couldn’t shake, that dog at sea, a SEA JAX.

Ron Sweeney

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